Private parcel delivery c2c

If you live in Poland and want to send a package to Ukraine to your family or friends, then this service is for you. With our help, you have the opportunity to send a parcel, and it will be delivered by your favourite courier service to any place in Ukraine. Our trusted partners are several courier companies: Nova Poshta, Justin, Ukrposhta, Choose your favourite courier company and send the package to any destination in Ukraine to your close friends or family.

When ordering a service, you are guaranteed to receive full support to your cargo from the moment of departure to the immediate receipt of the parcel to the department or right in hands. The recipient will be informed at almost every stage of the movement of the parcel. You will be informed about the track numbers of the departure for convenient tracking of the parcel on our website, on the website of Nova Poshta, Justin, or Ukrposhta.

After providing us with the parcel, the track numbers are assigned: the international shipment number of the CV and the corresponding courier service number in Ukraine.

Sky Logistics Poland Sp. z o.o. blurs the boundaries! If you live in Poland, you can send a parcel to your family and friends in Ukraine without any obstacles. Package will be delivered within 5 days. We act on the basis of international treaties and laws of Ukraine and the Republic of Poland.

The Customs Code of Ukraine has established a limit on the total invoice value of up to 150 euros for international mail. If the cost of your shipment is more than 150 euros, the importer (recipient) will be charged a tax of 10% and VAT of 20% of the amount of the surplus, i.e. from the difference of the declared value and the rate of 150 euros. For example: the total invoice value of your shipment is 300 euros. In this case, the tax amount is 300-150 = 150 euros. Customs tax: 150 * 0.1 = 15 euros + VAT - (150 + 15) * 0.2 = 33 euros. Thus, the amount of taxes will be 15 + 33 = 48 euros.

To calculate the cost of the parcel, use * calculator *. However, the cost indicated in the calculator may differ from the real one. In order to find out the exact cost of the package - contact us.

You will be able to track your parcel at all stages of its transportation - from dispatch to the time it is delivered to the recipient.

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