Custom clearance exported and imported goods

Customs clearance and a statement on the export or import of goods is necessary in the implementation of any export activity, which is carried out for the territory of the European Union. This applies to both small parcels and large quantities of goods that leave the customs zone of the European Union.

With our company you can easily export or import goods. International trade and logistics implies the control of exported and imported goods in the European Union. The state requires the consent of the export of goods sold abroad. Our experienced customs brokers will help you with these activities. Confirmation of the export of goods is the document IE529, which we will provide to you within minutes from the date of sending the application for export. After crossing the border, the export document is closed and further confirmed as IE599.

With us, you will export or import goods as soon as possible, with all the necessary documents being delivered - IE529 and IE599, which in turn, respectively, confirms the state authorities to accept the export statement and confirms that the goods left the territory of the European Union.

This allows the company to sell goods at a rate of 0% VAT, and return the tax on previously purchased goods. VAT refund is a great way to earn more, and so 23% of the cost you will return back.

The advantage of selling at the 0% rate is that you can sell goods at the Gross price, which at the same time is the NET + VAT price. This will allow you to sell goods at the European price and cover the cost of delivery, or share the cost of delivery with the client. There are many scenarios for the sale of goods from a foreign online store, this will allow you to choose the most optimal sales model and, accordingly, significantly increase the number of sales.

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