Courier delivery all over Europe

If you need to send a parcel to the address or department as soon as possible, then this service is for you. We will give the fastest possible answer regarding the price and terms of transportation of the item to any country in the world. You will also be informed if customs clearance of goods will be made.

We are very flexible and will always find an individual approach to each of our partners or clients, so you can always rely on us in any situation. We will coordinate the delivery of any parcel to anywhere in the world. We will promptly inform you about the price, place, and time the courier will come to pick up your parcel. You can be sure that under our guidance your parcel will be delivered safe and most importantly - on time.

Packaging requirements:

  • Mailing package should be made of cardboard box of sufficient strength
  • For fragile products, suitable materials are offered: foam, paper, film
  • Household appliances must be sent in original packaging
  • Correctly packed cargo should not move inside the package when changing the angles of inclination of the box

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