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Courier delivery all over Europe

If you need to send a parcel to the address or department as soon as possible, then this service is for you. We will give the fastest possible answer regarding the price and terms of transportation of the item to any country in the world. You will also be informed if customs clearance of goods will be made.

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Deliveries to Ukraine for individuals from E-commerce stores abroad

If you are a seller of goods in Poland or in any other country in the EU and want to expand your business to a market that is leading in terms of development - the Ukrainian market, then this option is for you. Parcel delivery directly from Poland to Ukraine is no different from parcel delivery within the country. Moreover, we offer our partners a COD service, i.e. sending parcels with the possibility of cash on delivery.

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warehouse services

We have a spacious warehouse where we can provide you with cargo storage services, transshipment, temporary storage, service Of your e-commerce parcels, i.e. the so-called fullfillment. Our capabilities allow us to integrate with Your system and, after receiving your cargo, prepare it for shipment to any point of the world. Together with our courier services, this could be a ready-made solution for you to receive, store, package and send parcels to Ukraine.

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Consultations about the Ukrainian market researches, prospects for developing e-commerce stores

Before you enter the market and gain the trust of customers, you must carefully examine the field on which to build a successful company, which will get benefits in the future. Actually, it is necessary to begin with a study of the prospects and profitability of doing business in the future. We are experts in e-commerce and have extensive experience in introducing and selling online stores from Poland goods to the territory of Ukraine.

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Cargo delivery all over Europe

With Sky Logistics Poland you can deliver any kind of cargo throughout Europe and beyond. Our experienced staff will advise you and offer the most optimal delivery option at the most affordable prices. We carry out the delivery of any goods: b2b, c2c, b2c. We are always in touch and you can contact us at any time to get an answer to your questions regarding your cargo.

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Custom clearance exported and imported goods

Customs clearance and a statement on the export or import of goods is necessary in the implementation of any export activity, which is carried out for the territory of the European Union. This applies to both small parcels and large quantities of goods that leave the customs zone of the European Union.

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